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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Dear user, please carefully consider the following for the best use of Arta's services and applications.

Logging on to the Arta website when using personal profiles, promotional designs, Arta video media videos and other services provided by Arta means being aware of and accepting the terms and conditions, as well as the use of the Arta services and services. Note that ordering at any time means accepting all the terms and conditions of the Arta by the user.

It should be noted that the terms and conditions set out above replace all previous agreements.


General rules

Note that all Arta principles and procedures are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, e-commerce law and consumer rights protection law, and subsequently the user is bound to comply with user-related laws. If the rules, Arta's policies and services are made in the future, changes will be made on this page and will be updated and you agree that your continued use of the site means accepting any change.


Privacy Policy

Arta respects and protects the privacy of individuals using site services. Arta pledges to defend your privacy as much as possible and, in this regard, develops the technology needed to make your site more secure and safer. In fact, with the use of the Arta site, you are showing your satisfaction with this policy.

All material available through any Arta service, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, videotapes, downloadable and copied items, data and all Arta content produced by Arta property, and The right to use and publish all available and available content is at the sole discretion of Arta, and any use that may be made without the prior written permission reserves the right to sue Arta. In addition, the scripts, and the names of the services provided through any of the services created by Arta and registered trademarks are also at Arta monopoly, and any prosecution for any commercial purposes. Users are authorized to operate and use the product list, technical specifications, prices, and any use of Arta website derivatives or any of the services or content, download or copy information for commercial purposes, any use of data Mining, robots, or similar methods, such as data collection and extraction tools, and all of these rights are explicitly reserved for Arta. If you use any of Arta's services, users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and all responsibility for activities that are performed under an account or password is the responsibility of users. Arta sells products suitable for use by people under the age of 18, and if the users are younger than they are age, they must buy and pay by informing parents or legal guardians. The only officially approved official contact point for you is the official website of We will not contact you by any means other than sending a letter from the official and approved address on the site. The web site of Arta has no website other than www. also does not have any blogs and ids in webchat applications such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger, and will never contact you with these methods. Users can only use the addresses mentioned in the contact section for communication.


Power of power

All terms and conditions are subject to normal conditions and, in the event of any incident, Arta has no liability whatsoever. Arta considers itself bound to respect the privacy of its users, please let us know if any violations are found through the communication channels mentioned above.